The Lye Archive is housed at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth.  Supplementing the large collection of his paintings and sculptures, it contains:

  • drawings and doodles
  • photographs and photograms
  • creative writing
  • theoretical writing
  • lectures
  • slides and tapes
  • publications (by and about Lye)
  • biographical material

 The Archive does not cover all aspects of Lye’s life -- it is stronger on later decades -- but it is a very rich resource with much unpublished (and un-digitized) material. 

 If you have questions or require access, contact Paul Brobbel, Len Lye Curator at the Govett Brewster Art Gallery (, or Evan Webb, Len Lye Foundation Director (

 Copyright in most of the Archive material remains vested in the Len Lye Foundation.

 "We take our happy moments to the grave, but art lives." - Len Lye

Photo Gallery: Archive

Boxes for storing works on paper, documents, etc.
Drawings in plastic sleeves
<em>Abstract Composition</em> batik stitched to linen backing for support
Catalogued audio tapes
Photographic prints in polyester sleeves
Un-catalogued slides, approx 4,500 in this box
Mechanisms and objects from Len Lye's studio
Mechanism for <em>Thunder Sheet</em> and <em>Singing Blade</em>
Mechanism for <em>Grass</em>
Film Tools
Stencil for <em>Rainbow Dance</em>
<em>Sun, Land and Sea</em> model