“There has never been a great film unless it was created in the spirit of the experimental film maker”  - Len Lye

Lye once remarked that: “Every film [I made], I tried to interest myself in it by doing something not previously done in film technique.” Even at 78, in the last year of his life, he completed one of his most radical films: Particles in Space.

Film-maker Alberto Cavalcanti wrote in Sight and Sound in 1947: “Len Lye could be described in the history of British cinema by one word - experiment.” John Taylor, who supervised Lye’s work at the Realist Film Unit during the war, remarked: “I think he is probably the one truly original thinker I’ve met - he had completely his own approach to everything.”

Some of Lye's films listed below link to additional information.

Lye’s films:

This list of mostly animated films does not include the innovative documentaries Lye made during wartime:

  •  When the Pie was Opened, 1941
  •  Newspaper Train, 1942
  •  Work Party, 1942
  •  Kill or Be Killed, 1942
  •  Cameramen at War, 1943

There are also a number of short films of a more commercial kind: Life’s Musical MinutePrime TimePercussion, Planned Crops, Collapsible Metal Tubes, The Sign of Plexiglass, the Basic English series, and various episodes of The March of Time.