Introducing the Foundation

Before the artist died in 1980, he arranged to give his large collection of work “for the public benefit of the people of New Zealand.” He created the Len Lye Foundation (registered in New Zealand as a non-profit incorporated society) to oversee this legacy.

The Len Lye Foundation was entrusted by the artist with:

  •  Promoting the artist’s work and ideas
  •  Keeping his kinetic sculpture in working order
  •  Building work he had planned but not been able to realize during his lifetime
  •  Representing the artist in matters of copyright, provenance, research, publication, etc.

Lye gave the Foundation the responsibility of standing in for him in these matters and helping generally to promote his legacy.

The Foundation has been involved in preparing museum and gallery exhibitions and film screenings around the world. All exhibitions of sculpture have drawn upon the technical expertise of the Foundation. And it has also been carrying out the artist’s request that large versions of his sculpture should be built in accordance with his plans, drawings or maquettes.