Len Lye

(Born New Zealand 1901, died New York 1980)

 - film maker

 - kinetic artist

 - painter

 - writer and theorist

 - one of the first modernist artists in New Zealand and Australia

“All of a sudden it hit me-if there was such a thing as composing music, there could be such a thing as composing motion.  After all, there are melodic figures, why can’t there be figures of motion?” – Len Lye

Welcome to the Len Lye Foundation Homepage.  Here you will find information about The Len Lye Foundation, Len Lye, his life and works, news items and other useful links

 This site has been made available by the generous support of Technix Industries Ltd, the inventive New Plymouth industrial company that has been involved with, and inspired by, the ideas of Len Lye for almost 40 years.  



Photo Gallery: Len Lye

Assembling <em>Fountain I</em> in his studio, ca. 1970
Lye in Sydney ca. 1925
Painting a direct film, 1938
Self Protrait, 1947, photogram